Introducing the Game Cards...




Bag of Tricks Cards are designed to give Scrooge an advantage and Scrooge U over!


Ghost Cards are designed to haunt Scrooge and give players the upper hand.


Scrooge’s Money-Box Cards are designed to give Scrooge an advantage in his financial dealings. Many of the card illustrations are taken from 1st editions of Dickens's novels.


Heroes & Villains Cards reside in the City of London where Scrooge lives. The cards will either help or hinder players at the cataclysmic climax of the game: Scrooge’s Moment of Truth.


Nightmare Cards are designed to teach Scrooge moral lessons and give players an opportunity to boost their finances.


Character Cards - take on the role of your favourite Dickens’s character. A brief synopsis of each character is written on the reverse of these cards.