The Scrooge Designer Collection and A Christmas Carol Books are ready! :D

On the eve of Christmas Day the exclusive 32 page Scrooge Designer Collection Book is ready! :D This book is a visual experience taking readers through the Scrooge journey from initial concept through to our successful Kickstarter campaign!

The book includes over 50+ Scrooge designs, a biography from our inspirational designer Marcin Warzecha, initial design concepts and much, much more...

A massive thank you to Dan Clemo for bringing this together and to all our Designer Collection Gold and Diamond backers, who will be receiving the limited edition book in the post shortly! :D

The SPECIAL EDITION A Christmas Carol Book by Charles Dickens, with Scrooge The Board Game Artwork Covers has also been finalised and currently being despatched via Amazon! We expect the books to arrive in the coming weeks.


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Simon Gerring