We did it! The Kickstarter Campaign was a MASSIVE SUCCESS!!!

After 30 days of campaigning, we've smashed our funding target by 22% and have over 330 passionate backers who will be receiving the first worldwide copies of Scrooge The Board Game.

The whole journey from first designs to the Kickstarter campaign has been incredible. We were humbled by the overwhelming support and encouragement throughout the campaign, from the awesome feedback we received, to the sharing of Scrooge videos and poems. We cannot thank our backers enough for this!

We set out over 3 years ago to develop a game that challenged the status quo of classic board games. A game that could transcend both time, age and skill, whilst bringing to life the beautiful World of Dickens on to the tabletop. We believe we've created a game that will excite people of all ages, that is simple to learn, a lot of fun and has deep tactical choices. And we are super pumped to say our dream idea has been brought to life because of passionate backers.

We've played the game hundreds and hundreds of times, with friends, family and blind testers. The game has travelled the World and been independently reviewed by many big board game sites and many more bloggers. It's super exciting to build a game, but even more exciting when you receive the positive and engaging feedback about the potential of Scrooge. We want to say THANK YOU to all those reviewers!

The game for us has made so many memories already and we can't wait for it to create experiences and memories for you. The tactical choices, art, components and replayability make the game what it is.

We did it!.JPG
Simon Gerring