Part 1 - The Story Begins...

How it all started, with a scroogely nerdy family.

We have always believed table top board games are a wonderful way to bring family and friends together.

One snowy Christmas a few years ago, Peter's two sons, Jason and Simon, stumbled across an old, homemade card game about the worlds and words of Charles Dickens.

It was a game that Peter had created back in the 1980s, that was born from his nerdy love for all things Dickens. Admittedly it was an epic fail, however uncovering this hidden treasure inspired the whole family to revive Peter's dream of developing his own board game...

With oodles of creativity, heaps of imagination and a stubborn belief in dreaming big, Scrooge – The Board Game became a reality.

To be continued next Monday…
#epicfail #redemption

 — feeling inspired.

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