Part 2 - Early Days: The Bag of Tricks were#reallybad

Part 2: Early Days: The Bag of Tricks were#reallybad

Remember Ebenezer Scrooge? That miserly old penny-pincher who liked to make everyone as miserable as he was? Well – he’s the muse behind the masterpiece that is Scrooge – The Board Game 😍

Early on in the development of the game, we created the ‘Bag of Tricks’ cards to bring Scrooge’s mean-spirited nature to life, designed to trick, trap and basically Scrooge-U over! We may have taken these cards a bit too far in v1, casting a slightly gloomy mood over Christmas as no one in the Gerring family could beat Scrooge at his own game! BAH HUMBUG! 😲

Fortunately, we’re well into version 3067, and the BOT cards have been tested and perfected to achieve the right balance of Christmas joy and Scrooginess! Can’t wait to share with you 😁