Part 5 - The 'Red' Prototype

Peter Gerring...Head-Scrooger, co-founder of and the creative genius behind STBG, is a Scrooge nerd. He looks to Dickens's words for wisdom, advice and encouragement during moments of doubt. One such moment came to us after we played our first prototype...😲

It was a jolly moment to begin with - it was the first time we saw the dream approach reality. But it also came with the realisation that we had our work cut out for us - and that creating a board game like no other was flipping hard! 😓

But, in the inspiring words of our mate Dickens, "No space of regret can make amends for one life's opportunity misused” - we weren't about to give up on our dream and live a miserly life of regret like Scrooge! 

And here we are - 2017 with the final prototype on it's way! #nohumbugshere! 😂🤣😍

Simon Gerring