Part 7 - Heroes & Villains, Nightmares & Moral Lessons

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” Charles Dickens

Charles Dickens emphasised the importance of hope and strength. So, we couldn’t leave out the wonderful Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit or Mr Fezziwig could we?! The introduction of Heroes not only created ‘wow’ moments, but a sense of hope. BUT, with good, comes the bad. And Dickens’s villains were really bad! 😂

Heroes & Villains, Nightmares & Moral Lessons were feverishly tested and our attention turned to artwork. We wanted to create a visualisation experience that appealed to all ages. After days of searching our fantasies were realised as we found our creative designer, Marcin Warzecha. 😍

We would never be where we are today, without his artistic flair and talents. This post goes out to him! #thankyou 💙💛

Part 7 - Heroes, Villains & Nightmares.png
Simon Gerring