Before you start:

Shuffle the 5 sets of cards

  • place the Ghost and Bag of Tricks cards on the designated placements on the board.
  • Select 5 of the 12 Moment of Truth cards and place them face down by Street 56 – The City. The remaining 7 Moment of Truth cards are not currently in play.
  • Nightmare and Money Box cards can be left off the board during game play.
  • One player is nominated to manage Scrooge’s bank and is in charge of all dealings for Scrooge throughout the game.
  • Each player starts with 1,000 Gold Coins, made up of 1 x 250, 4 x 100, 5 x 50, 4 x 25; and selects one of the 6 playing character cards, placing the character piece at the START of the journey on the board.
  • Each player takes it in turn to roll the die to determine who plays first
  • Normal play = a player throws the dice to move forward or backward. This excludes cards instructions, subsequent dice throws in the same turn, other players instructions.

Winning the game

  • A player is deemed the winner when they are the first to beat Scrooge at his own game in his Moment of Truth – Street 56. 
  • A player must not hold any Nightmare cards at this point and must have 500 Gold Coins BEFORE challenging Scrooge in his Moment of Truth
  • A player who does not hold 500 Gold Coins, holds Nightmare cards or either loses or draws to Scrooge in his Moment of Truth cannot win the game and must return to their original street.

Download a copy to print at home: