Scrooge - The Board Game is a different game, every time!

The all-conquering hero and Scrooge’s saviour is the first player to beat Scrooge in his final Haggle, Scrooge’s Moment of Truth.

In a survival race, most players will focus on speed as they rush through the streets, collecting Ghost Cards (if they’re lucky!) in an attempt to challenge Scrooge first. However, players quickly realise Scrooge’s traps and strategies of other players will make the seemingly most direct and quickest route, less attractive.

In every game you will have to make tough choices. With multiple choices on every turn, you’ll need to strategise and choose how you move and what streets you visit. Influence outcomes with tactical card management…your choices can control the miserliness of Scrooge and the future actions of others. Will you look to protect your own strength or weaken others?

Be assertive or defensive, the choice is yours! Manage your board position carefully or discover how being in the lead increases your risk of being trapped by Scrooge’s tricks and villains. Whatever you choose, don’t forget to watch your back for other scrooges!

It’s a challenge right to the end not to be ‘Scrooged Over’. Play one game and you will be hooked!

Can you out-scrooge, Scrooge?

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The real trick to winning Scrooge – The Board Game is deciding how you will move through the streets of London, in the most effective way, choosing the right Ghost Card, Gold and Nightmare strategy to increase your strength and weaken your opponents. 

the harum-scarum STRATEGY

The Harum-Scarum Strategy relies on risk-taking and luck to scramble through dark and dingy London backstreets to reach Scrooge’s Moment of Truth as quickly as possible.

But being in the lead brings higher risks, as you will be targeted by other players and open to Scrooge’s Bag of Tricks trickery. 

Will you be the first to out-scrooge the other scrooges?


The Hugger-Mugger Strategy relies on calculated movements and tactical card play to trail the leader, in order to shelter from Bag of Tricks Cards. Timing the strike for the lead is critical, in a race where there can only be one victor.

But beware, staying behind the leader is not as easy as you think. 

Your strategy can turn upside down at any time, at which point you may want to become a Money-Grubber instead!


The Money-Grubber Strategy is for the patient and defensive player who wishes to strengthen their position by building up their pot of gold and ghost armoury. Strength brings power, making the player more assertive and able to bluff with confidence.

Going backwards and collecting gold is likely to feature prominently in this strategy. The player also hopes a meticulous ghost card strategy will weaken Scrooge and other players in support of their final charge.




  • Hand Management - Player your cards at the right time!
  • Set Collection - Collect a set and reap the rewards.
  • Roll / Spin & Move - 1 of 3 options to control your movement per turn.
  • Deck Building (Basic) - Expand your resources/capability to drive future actions.
  • Betting - Calculated risk or bluff? Bet gold in 'All-Play' games to win more gold. 
  • Variable Player Powers - Activate a Turning Point and take on a special ability. 
  • Variable Phase Order - Be warned! Turns/outcomes of turns will change.
  • Player Elimination - Avoid bankruptcy through careful gold management.